Boris Požeg - Aleksandar Jeremic - Jerra is definitely the crew that marked this year's rally Saturnus. Deserved to have the biggest Slovenian auto competition won 6th  place overall, 2nd  Mitropa Cup and the 2nd  in Slovenia. But the most important for them is that they are now on the 2nd place in the Mitropa cup behind Italian crew in the car Clio S1600 Bernd Zanon - Zelger Florian.

„I am very happy with the result and this is also my biggest success since I've been actively competing. I think the driving is going better and that our major achievements are still ahead. Of course in this demanding and complicated event due to weather conditions if there was no Jerra and his vast experience result probably would not be even close. We usually ride rallies abroad but success at home is still the most comfortable. I want to thank all the people who supported me, especially a team Miha Jezersek, which prepared the car", said Boris Pozeg.

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