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Date of birth
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Belgrade - Serbia
173 cm
71 kg
First rally
First WRC
2007 - Rally de Portugal
WRC Starts
Best results

2001 Winner of Adriatic Balkan trophy N2
2003 Serbia Champion A5



Since I was a kid I had affinity towards sport and competition. When I was third grade of elementary school, my father took me to a trial practice of FC Partizan, where I started my active soccer career. From that moment on, my sporting spirit and my desire to win began to develop. During my soccer, and latter rally career, I realized one very important thing: second place belongs to first one that lost! I played in all junior selections in FC Partizan, which I remember as a great period of my life. I played centre field, and was the game organizer. Political circumstances in former Yugoslavia prevented me from playing for FC Partizan senior team. Great inflow of good players caused by Yugoslavia’s disintegration forced young players, like myself, to seek out our chances in smaller teams, such as FC Cukaricki and FC Rakovica, which I played for.

In 1993 I enrolled in Mechanical faculty and stopped with soccer career.
My fathers’ driver was responsible for my interest in rally, which never ended. I became member of Auto sport club Zemun in 1998, and participated in my first rally as a co driver in 1999. That was the happiest day of my life. Soon I grew fond of co-driver position, unlike others who were more interested in driving, and quickly decided to become one of the best co drivers. From day one I contemplated what are the words that the driver needs to hear from me, and what will have the greatest effect. I was self taught, but quickly got the hang of it through analysis of world famous co drivers, and with the help from my drivers made the foundations for my style, which I developed during my career.

My first driver was Srđan Višnjić – Buda, followed by Draško Topalović – Veterinar, the man with whom I learned allot and shared great moments of my career. My current driver is Miloš Komljenović with whom I participated in WRC, and by doing that entered Serbian rally sport history. During my career I worked with many world renowned drivers and co-drivers, such as: Krum Donchev, Stoiko Valchev, Andrea Dallavilla, Andrea Cortinovis, Flavio Zanella, Patrik Sandell, Emil Axelsson, Simone Jean Joseph and Staffan Parmander.

The pinnacle of my career would be cooperation and lather friendship with former co-driver of Kenneth Eriksson, factory driver for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Hyndai and Skoda, in WRC, Staffan Parmander, who aknowledged that all my years spent in contemplating and making Pacenotes were not in vain.


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