Part 1 – Psychological and physical abilities


In order to become top co-driver, one has to like what he is doing and have maximum dedication. It is very important to be prepared, both mentally and physically, for the demands put upon a professional co driver. When you stand besides the car in your racing overalls, at the start of a rally, people tend to think that you had it easy, and that you have an easy and beautiful job, but most of them can’t see the hard work involved before, during and after the rally.

The key thing is to be mentally strong and able to react appropriately in unavoidably stressful conditions of a rally. People with high fears and inability to overcome stressful situations quickly should stay clear of a co driver’s seat, since inadequate reactions could lead to catastrophe.

One thing should be clear, fear is natural reaction for every human being, I have it on every start of a special stage, but I use it as my driving force and characterize it as a positive fear. Physical preparation is also very important, like in any other sport. My training regularly consists of running and aerobic exercises, planed for me by a professional trainer, bike riding, planed diet and regular eight hour sleep, which result in an organism adapted for maximum performance during each rally. Messy and undisciplined life is a sure end for any athletes’ career.

One of major problems that can prevent a co driver from doing his job is motion sickness, caused by reading or writing in a fast moving vehicle. This is normal for most people, especially on twisty mountain roads. It can be inborn, or caused by insufficient physical preparation and exhaustion. Personally, I believe that will power is huge and that any one can overcome inborn disabilities through hard work and effort. Most of the motion sickness problem occurs during reading, because natural balance sensors in the middle ear and eyes are disturbed, because the brain receives false signals about body orientation and position in space, thus leading to motion sickness.

What few are aware is that rally is a team sport. Driver and co-driver must function flawlessly before, during and after the rally. When you sometimes have matching thoughts, true team spirit is present, and you have the only recipe for victory.

Another important thing to know is that when a co-driver thinks that he could have done something better than his driver, the partnership is over.



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